Subcontractor Recruitment


Subcontractor Recruitment Engine (Subs Engine) aims to automate manual tasks for recruitment, one of the most important parts of running a successful business. You can now request for a job to be posted on several job boards from just one place.


This section contains the list of subcontractors marked as Favorites and Jobs Posted from the portal.

Post New Job

Once you are on the Dashboard, a new job can be posted via the button called 'Post New Job' as indicated below.

Step1: Intro

  • Use a Template: Subs Engine has a list of predefined Job templates commonly used

  • Job Title: This field contains the text that will be used as the title for the jobs to be posted on different job boards.
  • Job Description: All the job boards (eg: Craigslist, Indeed) require a description with the details about your company, qualifications, and experience required for the job. These details are required to be entered here. (If you choose to use a template, do fill in the placeholders with the right information).

Step 2: Details

  • This step requires more details to be entered about the job to be posted.
  • Service Zip Code: Zip Code where the job is to be done.
  • Service City: City where the job is to be done.
  • Service Date: The start date of the job is to be filled in here.
  • Duration of Service (days): Number of days for which the service is required.
  • Budget: The budget of the task is required to be set here, which can be per hour, a fixed cost, or per project.
  • Type of Job: The job to be posted can be one of the following three types: Contractual, Part-Time, or Full-time.
  • The number of Crew Members: If you need more than 1 crew member for the job, it needs to be specified here. This detail will be included in the job to be posted.
  • Other Notes: Any special requirements for the job can be specified here. These will be clubbed with the job description specified before.

Step 3: Job Boards

  • This screen contains the job boards that can be selected where the jobs are required to be posted.

Step 4: Review

  • You can review all the information entered for the job to be posted before the final submission.

Jobs Posted

  • A list of the jobs already posted can be seen on the Dashboard in this section shown below. You can click on 'Details' to view the updates on job posting status and a list of candidates who applied for the job.

Candidates & Favorites

  • The details of the candidates who applied for the job posting can be viewed from inside the job details page. You can mark the candidates as your 'Favorites'. These candidate profiles can then be accessed from the Dashboard as well.

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