Marketing Command Center


The Main Street platform makes it incredible simple for a business to manage their marketing.

Marketing Budgets

Owners can easily set monthly budgets for specific "channels" where they hope to gain leads for the upcoming month. The upcoming month's budget can be set from the Budget Introduction Wizard or from the Upcoming Month Wizard. Main Street receives these budget values then deploys spend using those channels and amounts.

Marketing Expenses

Given the Owners Budget — Main Street manages the individual accounts, spend and optimization for owners. As the budgets are deployed, the expenses are tracked into the platform against given budgets.

Lead Tracking and Reporting

As leads come in through various channels, Main Street supports by attributing every lead back to its source. This way Owners can see exactly how their marketing Dollars are performing month over month for every source. However, we rely on Owners for correctly tagging lead source (if leads are manually added into Zendesk or the Main Street platform) and updating Job Stages. If not updated properly, the Cost Per Lead and Cost Per Job outputs will be inaccurate. 

Bringing it all Together

Because our platform is completely integrated. You can easily see previous month's budgets, spend, leads and lead performance across all channels in a single place. This gives Owner's the clarity and confidence that their marketing investment is worthwhile. 

Example Month 

Viewing a month of data shows the total budget for the given month, the total spent for the month and the performance of that investment and spend. 
Process Overview

  • Every month the business owner will need to set their budget for the upcoming month, they need to enter this budget no later than the 28th of the previous month so that our operations can coordinate the marketing management for the upcoming month. If no budget is sent, the budget from the previous month will automatically roll over to the next month. 
  • Once the business owner enters their budget, the Main Street marketing team will handle all the nitty gritty of managing and optimizing spend across each and every one of the given channels. All the expenses for each of these platforms are entered into the Main Street back end. 
  • As leads flow into the Main Street platform the Marketing Command Center will always be up to date with lead counts for the given month. As the month continues the data gets more and more accurate as the lead and expense data catch up with the budgets that have been set by the business owner. 
  • This continues month over month always being monitored and continuously improved. 

Common Questions

How do these budgets work? 

The budget amounts reflect owner directed target budgets. While we will never go over-budget in any category, we may not be able to spend the desired amount in a given category

What If I don't set my budget? 

Unless otherwise directed your marketing budgets will automatically role over month over month. 

When do I need to enter budgets for the next month? 

Budgets are due to be entered into the platform by the 28th of the previous month to be reflected for the upcoming month. 

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